On Sunday March 15 from 11a – 6pm was the Denver Glass and Vape Show. This show features different companies, artists, and products from around the country. Some have been around for years, and some are brand new to the industry. The show was open to the public as long as you were 18 or older with a valid ID. Hotbox went to the Glass and Vape Show to interview all the companies to find out more about them and their products.

From being an artist his whole life, Devon the artist behind Pandemic Glass is new to the glass blowing game, he does make rigs and water pipes but mainly handpipes, pendants, and art, Pandemic wants to master the basics.

Pandemic Glass wanted to make art, not pipes. Devon want his pieces to be able to sit on a shelf, as an art piece so when a group comes over to smoke, you grab this amazing sculpture off the shelf, smoking out of that, which will amaze people and is a great conversation starter. The inspiration behind Pandemic Glass Dragons is mythical, being a “nerd” into D&D and other games, he wanted to let his inner nerd shine thru his artworks. Doing what you love goes into making these amazing works of art.

Pandemic Glass is a known company to Hotbox, if you received our Valentine’s Limited Care Pack, you may have received a beautiful Pandemic Glass pendant in your box. We also have a product review on the Dragonhead pipes that are seen in the Glass and Vape interview video below;

Be sure to follow @Pandemic_Glass on Instagram give a “Like” on Facebook and check out the Pandemic Glass website for all of their products!

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