Spray 420, which is known for being the world’s strongest odor eliminator, may be in the process of coming out with a fresh new scent! Currently, Spray 420 smells like fresh linens and has begun to really pick up momentum with smokers. What people like the most is the fact that the product is safe and environmental friendly. It uses a dry aerosol to deliver the odor eliminator, which is lighter than air, allowing it to float and connect itself to smoke. High Times Magazine has even dubbed it “The is the BEST single odor solution we have EVER tried!” and we agree.

On top of the typical stoner uses, this product actually can be used in everyday situations. The dry aerosol allows you to be able to spray directly in to A/C Intake in your home or car to eliminate any odor. Great on pet smells and a number of other odors as well, the type of product you need in every room of your home and in your car at all times.

We can’t confirm the new fragrance yet, but we have heard that it may have a “pink” label which may suggest a fruity or more feminine smell. This could get exciting and we will keep you up to date on any news we get on this. In the meantime, go grab you a can from www.Spray420.com for $14.99 for 3-pack, $28.99 for 6-pack and $48.99 for a 12 can pack. Follow them on Instagram @Spray420 as well for more info.

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