The dynamic duo defies doubters. Drops dab delivery device. The Dab Machine Marble Run! A brand new work of functional glass sculpture art by Ewok and Bandhu. Thee Dab Machine Marble Run.  These two historical glass blowers spent several days, including 4/20, countless hours to put together a mini marble track, which delivers dabs automatically to a beautiful art recycler.

Constructed entirely of clear borosilicate glass in a process that Bandhu likes to call “Transdimensional Fabrication”.  The sculpture will preheat a custom quartz nail, then when you pull the handle, the cup-shaped nail withdraws into the inner workings of contraption. At the proper moment, a small marble-shaped dab is automatically released to roll down an elaborate track and into the waiting nail, where it, well you know the rest.

Dab Machine Marble Run

A beautiful integrated Dr. Seuss-like glass snorkel extender connects the custom dome to the graceful recycler rig. The Dab Machine Marble Run dropped (metaphorically, not literally.) at the AGE wholesale show on April 22 in Denver, Colorado. The Dab Machine Marble run is approximately 16 inches tall by 16 inches wide by 16 inches deep. Total dimensions.  Colorless borosilicate glass with bronze and polymer bearings, lighter included.

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