You already know Elementium offers a pure spark lighter, grinder watches, and bamboo sunglasses.
Now Elementium is releasing a NEW lighter, the Pure Spark Elite.
The Elite is a completely different design from the normal lighter they offer, Elementium wanted to add as many new features that they could.

Elite is the bowl and blunt friendly lighter, no matter the size.  The normal pure spark lighter can only light certain sized blunts, and can only hit certain shaped bowl heads. The Elite’s new shape, allows lighting of any shape or size joint, blunt, or bowl, with a 450 degree output, and a 5x thicker heat plate.
Perfect for water pipes, the new cylinder design allows you to get down deep into any sized bowl, without having to be fully packed, no more switching to a butane lighter or hemp wick while smoking!


The Elite has a USB for charging, but the Elite also has a Blue LED battery indicator, this LED indicator will tell you how many uses are left before needing charging. 1 LED is 10 or more uses lefts 2 LEDs is 11-75 more uses, 3 LEDs is 75-100 more uses, and 4 LEDs is 101-150 more uses left!

These lighters will be shipping out at the end of the month. You can grab one for a pre-sale price of $25.00 until the end of October. As always using code snakebitekiss1 will save you 15% on anything you order, including the new Pure Spark Elite.

Check back in a few weeks, as I will have a full review of the Pure Spark Elite lighter.

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