I love glass bongs, but there’s just something about an all natural bong that just does it for me. Now there aren’t a whole lot of companies out there that hand make these “All Natural” beauties, but I came across Decha420  and fell in love. Decha Bongs is a small family run business based in Thailand, so all the resources are readily available to make these beautiful bongs.

I asked the team at Decha420 what their favorite materials were and what they were used for and heres what they said;

  • Coconut (water tank and base)
  • Bamboo pipe (main pipe, connectors and downpipe)
  • Coconut palm seed (bowl)
  • Sealing wax (to connect together all parts and hide seams)
  • Palm leaves rope (to shore up bamboo main pipe)
  • Water based eco-friendly wood cover liquid (to prevent fungus and protect parts that contact with water for long time use: downpipe, coconut inside)

Greg Pavlov (Partner) started to make bamboo bongs in June of 2014, but his friend, partner and teacher – “Decha” is an experienced Bong Master, he produced his first bamboo bong when he was just 16 years old as a gift for his father and now he has more than 20 years experience making them.

So its more than fair to say your getting a great quality bong when you buy from Decha,but that just covers experience.

You wanna know what makes this bong so great right? Or maybe what exactly is used to make these Natural bongs? Well im getting there, the anatomic sphere shape of the coconut allows you to hold your bong in the palm of yor hand with a finger on the carb no matter what size palm, big or small! Another great feature is that the main chamber is attached at a 75° degree angle instead of the traditional 90° so that you can still use your bong comfortably while sitting down without the worry of water coming through the carb.

Obviously the bowl is the most important part of a non glass bong, because whatever material you use it has to be able to withstand high temperature and not burn, thats why the team at Decha420 do not use wood, instead they use coconut palm seed, making the bowl shockproof, waterproof and fireproof.

The main chamber as you know is made of bamboo and it is tied with palm leaf rope so as to not to break when you put ice inside which is always good! Every Peacemaker is provided with additional bowl and the Downpipe is replaceable with diffuser which makes the small bubbles (cooling the smoke faster) and relaxing sound.

This all sounds totally awesome but what about caring for your fancy DechaBong? No worries! The team at Decha420 has thought of everything! The coconut and downpipe are covered with special water based and eco-frindly liquid wood cover (to protect from water)! Other than regular maintenance you dont have to worry about your bong deteriorating before your eyes because of moisture. They got that covered, the main chamber can actually hold up to 6-8 pieces of ice.

I asked Greg what their most Popular piece was and the answer was ” Our best seller is The Peacemaker Ice Bong. It is 42-46 sm height and it is the only model where we have used coconut and bamboo. It can be used as a slider bong but also has a carb hole.

This is one crazy awesome bong, very eco friendly and totally wicked. Another perk to owning this non glass bong is that its harder to break! So if you are looking for a sturdy, natural, awesome looking bong, Decha420 is the way to go! When I spoke to Greg I asked him if there was anything specific he wanted to tell our readers and this is what he has to say;

” We are in love with our job and do our best to make customers happy and bongs perfect.”

And happy customers we are Decha! To be kept updated follow them on Instagram: @Decha420

Or Purchase your own Peacemakers Bong on their website:

Inquiries of custom orders are permissible, see website or more instruction.

Thats all for now everyone,

Stay Lited and Decha On!

Millie W

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