Everyone remembers the 420 Limited Care Pack in which we gave our members the first of the Nail Crowns by Cruz Culture. Well, the Nail Crown is back and has seen some major improvements. Now available for everyone, the new Nail Crown All-In-One has all the accessories you need to get started with concentrates.

nail crown all in one

Nail Crown All-in-One Features

The original Nail Crown is made from platinum cured medical grade silicone and has a high heat resistance. The Nail Crown is a dabbing safety device that protects you from burning yourself with a hot nail or hot tools. You can also use it to take your nail wherever you go, even while it’s hot.

The Nail Crown All-In-One is made using the same platinum cured medical grade silicone and is still considered a dabbing safety device. But, the Nail Crown All-In-One includes, not one, but six (6) unique Grade 2 Titanium dab tools with silicone grips. These titanium dab tools are discreetly stored at the top of the Nail Crown. Each grip is clearly marked so you can easily identify which tool you are using. This makes it easy for you to pick the tool you want, without having to remove every single one to get to it.

nail crown all in one review

It also includes plenty of storage space for several things. At the top of the Nail Crown All-In-One, there is a 1/2 inch space to store your concentrates. The top to cover the concentrates also holds a small Nail Crown shaped stand to hold the dab tools while in use. The neck of the Nail Crown All-In-One is used to grab a hot nail off the rig and also works as storage while traveling with your nail. This part of the Nail Crown All-In-One also has a notch to accommodate the cord of an e-nail for easy storage use.

nail crown all in one storage

The bottom of the Nail Crown All-In-One has two new features. It separates into 2 pieces, the first piece contains a replaceable antimicrobial glass wipe. You can use this wipe to clean the mouthpiece on your pipe after passing it around to your friends. The second piece has a titanium carb cap plate.

The new Nail Crown All-In-One is available in 6 original colors and 6 color changing colors at CruzCulture.com. Make sure you also follow them on Instagram and check out their other products.


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