MouthPeace is from the company Moose Labs Inc.  Mouth Peace is made of silicone, 100% platinum cured silicone. This amazing product creates protection for you, protection between you and that random glass piece you may decide to hit. Imagine a Cannabis Cup, over 2000 people hitting one rig.

With MouthPeace you don’t need to worry about germs or illnesses, we all have that one friend who hits your glass and then goes, oh by the way I got the flu. Dishwasher safe, and doctor approved, the MouthPeace’s tapered flexible design works on many different bongs, rigs, even vape pens, and blunts.
MouthPeace MouthPeace
I have the Rasta one to review for you.
As you can see below, I found 3 different bongs that it fits into. Each one fits differently, but snug. Make sure you have a firm hold on your glass piece while inserting. There is an airtight seal. Its just like hitting it normally, there is no difference in taste.

MouthPeace is available in four different color designs;
Rasta, Green, Blue-Green-White Swirl, and Purple-Yellow Swirl.
mouthpeace_rasta mouthpeace_green mouthpeace_blueswirl mouthpeace_purpleswirl
Available for purchase here for $12.99
Comes with a lanyard so you can always wear around your neck, never loosing.

Be sure to check out the MooseLabs website for more awesome products.

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