Rolling Paper Depot is one of the largest web stores for all your rolling papers, trays, tables, accessories, ect.
You will find paper products from Raw to Juicy Jay, Zig Zag to Skunk brand. Let’s take a look at five of the latest arrivals on the Rolling Paper Depot website.

Clipper brand lighters have been around since the 1970’s, are butane, refillable, and allow you to replace the flint as well. The removable flint housing doubles as a poking tool for rolling. Multiple designs for every personality have been made of Clipper lighters, and Rolling Paper Depot has two new designs.

The Little Leaves have cannabis leafs printed in Rasta and Green colors.

You can purchase a Little Leaf four pack here for $3.50.


The Zombie Nation lighters are printed with zombie and creepy skull figures on them.
You can purchase a four pack Zombie lighters here for $3.50.


The RAW brand has multiple different styles of papers, cones, storage, and trays. Now Rolling Paper Depot sells two more kinds of RAW cones.

The Raw Emperador Cones are 7 and 1/2 inches long, available for single purchase, by half box, or full box.
You can purchase Emperador Cones here.  A Single pack for $1.75, Half box for $17.00, or a Full box for $29.00


The Raw Supernatural Cones are 12 inches aka 1 foot long! Great for any party.
raw-supernatural-cones-(3)-500x500 raw-supernatural-cones-(2)-500x500
You can purchase Supernatural Cones here. A single pack for $4.25, Half box for $21.25, or a Full box for 51.25.

Last item newly added to the Rolling Paper Depot website is Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips.
These are German hand blown glass tips, great for every joint, blunt, or spliff. Co designed by the ROOR Glass Company.
You can purchase Phuncky Feel Tips here for $8.00.


Be sure to check out the Rolling Paper Depot website for more products. Follow @rpdepot on Instagram. Give a “Like” on Facebook. Also follow on Twitter.

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