BREAKING NEWS EVERYONE! Raw has finally done it! Introducing to you the “Magic Joint” RAW’s first SELF ROLLING JOINT! That’s right, “self-rolling.” No more hassle of tearing papers, air pockets, or evenly distributing your herb. RAW went and stepped up the game on this one. Now I’m sure you’re thinking about the rolling machine that almost every other paper company offers. NO! That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying Raw has taken massive strides with current technology and has since created the self-rolling joint. Just put the special paper on a flat surface, place your herb on the paper and watch the magic happen before your eyes! In less than 2 seconds the special paper rolls itself into the perfect joint.


That’s not all either, once the joint has rolled itself, place your finger on the very tip of the joint for just 5 seconds and then remove it. This causes the tip of the joint to miraculously heat up and light itself! YES!!! No more butane, or hassle to keep your hemp wick lit in windy areas. The Magic Joint is self-rolling AND self-lighting! Don’t worry about burning yourself though because even though the Magic Joint heats itself, the touch activated heating cells in the paper can’t burn flesh! So you can touch the flame all day long and still be ok. Another feature of the Magic Joint is that the heat cells can’t burn through fabric! Say goodbye to all those pot holes in the sheets, or your clothes from dropping the joint.


All of these features are mind blowing and revolutionary! The Magic Joint seems to have everything a stoner would want from a joint, and as much as all of these features would be super fun and TOTALLY WICKED to have…I HAVE TO SAY APRIL FOOLS!!!

Don’t be too mad at me! Happy April Fool’s Day from the entire team at HotBox!!

Stay Blazed and Fool On!!

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Millie W

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