New product alert!! The Herb Saver is a medical grade herb grinder and saver!! One of the coolest purposes for the Herb Saver is that it IS household friendly, meaning if you have kids and you just so happen to leave out your HerbSaver, your kids cant get into it and heres why.

“Our grinder is also child resistant, our goal is to make the cannabis industry safer, by providing the users with a house hold friendly greatly designed product all for a low cost. ” -Isaac and Cody

Pretty cool right, well theres more. The HerbSaver is also water/air tight. Helping to keep your contents fresh, as well as keeping any unwanted moisture out! Its great for keeping your herbs safe right in the comfort of your home, OR during the unpredictable circumstances of traveling!


“The Herb Saver is a very durable medical grade plastic herb grinder/storage container.”
This means that it does not break easily making the option of traveling with it much easier because you don’t have to worry about it breaking, just toss it in your bag and you’re ready to go.
The HerbSaver is made up of 5 VERY important components:

  • 2 grinder pieces
  • Storage container
  • Removable pollen screen
  • Large pollen catcher



This is shaping up to be one great container, I have given you the basics about this product but now it’s time to get a little insight on the master minds behind it. I had a chance to speak with Isaac and Cody about their new venture with the HerbSaver and heres what they had to say:

 1. When did you guys decide to become a part of the cannabis industry?

We decided to become a part of the cannabis industry after the rise in medical and recreational use. We are really supportive towards the cannabis industry and want it to grow nationwide recreational use. Our main goal coming into this great industry is to give users a better and easier smoking experience, also keep it properly secured. offering a herb grinder that is safe, durable, and affordable. Unlike other grinder on the market, ours provides the user a generous amount of storage for herbs and pollen all in a great sleek design for daily uses.

   2. What inspired you guys to create the Herb Saver?

“We wanted to make consuming easier, safer, and offer a more useful affordable everyday product.”

 3. What do you both hope to accomplish with the Herb Saver?

“At Herb Saver, our goal is to give the consumer a better smoking experience. We accomplish this by giving you a uniquely designed grinder/storage container. Unlike your ordinary grinder, Herb Saver engineered a grinder that not only shreds your herbs but fluffs it up! Herb Saver grinder makes it easier to store and collect your pollen in large amounts. We do this by giving the consumer a large storage compartment with a snap in removable screen feature for easy cleaning and replacement, and a large pollen container. Herb saver grinder keeps your herbs fresh longer with its air-tight design which is always a smokers plus! Herb Saver grinders are also water resistant while keeping your herbs and pollen secure with child-resistant features.  Our grinders are made in the USA from the highest grade food-safe polypropylene plastic, providing our consumers a variety of colors and custom designs! Our goal at Herb Saver is to provide the consumer with a product that not only grinds your herbs but stores your herbs and pollen in a large odor-proof compartment while keeping it fresh and secure from water. We also like to supply the consumer with a household friendly child-resistant product. Herb Saver grinders make it possible to grind your herbs hassle free with our cutting-edge engineered teeth and grip lines while also storing all your herbs and pollen mess free! At Herb Saver, we are very out going and love to do collaborate with other companies, create cool designs, and custom products for our clients. Our mission is to give the consumer great quality products, great customer support and a hassle free purchase for a low cost.”

This is just so great. Im so happy I got the chance to talk to these guys about this awesome product!! The HerbSaver has finally been released! The website is under construction and coming soon, so for now you can reach them on their instagram!

You can find news on the HerbSaver on thier Instagram:


They are currently taking pre orders so get yours now before its too late!

Stay Blazed and Save the Herbs

Millie W

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