On Sunday March 15 from 11a – 6pm was the Denver Glass and Vape Show. This show features different companies, artists, and products from around the country. Some have been around for years, and some are brand new to the industry. The show was open to the public as long as you were 18 or older with a valid ID. Hotbox went to the Glass and Vape Show to interview all the companies to find out more about them and their products.

The artist behind Lion Glass is Scott Ratner, and he lives and works in Denver Colorado, he has been in the glass blowing game for about 4 years now, from the first time he got behind the torch he knew it was what he wanted to be doing for the rest of his life. Scott say glass blowing found him. The kinds of glass that Lion Glass likes to create is abstract works of glass, these creations come from deep within his mind. These abstract rigs are completely functional!

Two of the Space Case Rigs that Lion Glass had at the Glass and Vape Show;

Lion GlassLion Glass

Lion Glass is sold in a lot of shops located in and around Denver, Colorado such as; Headed West, Daddy Danks, Purple Haze, and his work is also available thru the Lion Glass Instagram page. The Lion Glass Instagram page features Scott’s whole portfolio and you can chat with him about any of the pieces, ask him any questions you’d like.


Below is the interview from the Denver Glass and Vape Show;

Be sure to check out @LionGlass on Instagram and give a “Like” to the Facebook page to keep up with all of Scott’s work and to discuss glass with him!

Check back in the future for a in-depth article with Scott to find out all about Lion Glass

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