An absolutely amazing product is the Kind Tray which is now available at Chameleon Glass
These storage tray are made in USA and constructed out of  forest certified green or reclaimed woods, with food safe grade, all natural finish.
Kind Trays feature very strong magnets, that are triple layer coated in nickel copper. Although these rare earth magnets keep your lid secure, Kind Tray can be opened with a simple twist of the lid.

The entire product line of Kind Trays can be viewed here.
Below is information on the ones Chameleon Glass has to offer.

Using code SBK saves you 10% on Chameleon Glass orders.

The Rolling Tray

This tray has a spot for everything rolling related and then some.
Perfect to keep all your items in order and not lose them.
Some items you may want to put on your rolling tray are; grinders, 14mm and 19mm bowl head, papers, lighters, slides, vape pens, the possibilities are endless and up to you!
The Rolling Tray can be purchased here for $66.29


The bowl display
Contains 3 spots for 19mm bowl heads and 1 spot for a Medtainer (purchase here for $13.49)
The 19mm bowl display can be purchased here for $17.59
Also available in 14mm bowl display, purchase here for $17.79


The Nug-Out Glass
This Nug-Out allows you to hold two different strains and a pipe or joint, safe and secure.
Comes with a Chameleon Glass one hitter.
The Nug-Out Glass can be purchased here for $49.99


The Goo Tray
This pocket sized storage tray comes with two No-Goo medi cups and a Titanium Tool.
The Goo Tray can be purchased here for $73.00


The Pen Tray
This storage tray hold a Atmos Rx or G-Mini pen, a No-Goo medi-cup and a titanium tool.
The Pen Tray can be purchased here for $63.00


Check back in the future for my review on the Nug-Out Glass Tray.
Don’t forget to use code SBK to save 10% on Chameleon Glass orders.

Be sure to check out @that_guy_kindtray on Instagram and @ChameleonGlass for all they have to offer!

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