RAW Cone Caddy is the most innovative product out to keep your RAW cones, joints, and papers safe!
The Cone Caddy is made of metal, has a snug fitting lid, and comes in two sizes; 1 1/4 and King Size.



The King size holds 6 King sized cones or a couple packs of king sized papers.

The King size can be purchased from RollingPaperDepot for $3.99


The 1 1/4 size holds 6 1 1/4 sized cones or papers.
The 1  1/4 Caddy can be purchased from RollingPaperDepot for $2.99



Be sure to check out RAWs website and Instagram @RawLife247
And check out the RollingPaperDepot website and Instagram @RPDepot

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