JyARz started in 2012 from the idea to make a glass storage container.
Why the Y in JyARz? The y is a reference to gyres.  In the ocean there are currents where plastic trash is pining up,  these swirling ocean currents are known as Gyres. When you buy a JyAR 1% of the sale goes into ocean plastic research.
Nothing is better than being able to help out the planet at the same time of making a purchase.

JyARz is a glass storage container, unlike any other. JyARz are used to store and protect any of your personal items.
These containers come in four parts; sleeve, cap, core, and gaskets.

1. There is a sleeve that protects and surrounds a glass insert. The sleeve is made from 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs. The plastic is clean, recyclable, and BPA free.
2. The cap is also made from recycled milk jug plastic.
3. The glass core, which is made from borosilicate glass, can hold up to many washes and re-uses.
4. The two gaskets are made from FDA food-safe non allergenic material.

JyARz can be purchased in different sizes and colors from their website.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram @JyARz

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