This one’s for my blunt lovers! Ever tried Juicy Jay’s Raspberry Double Wraps? If you haven’t then it’s an absolute must and a total treat if you love the fruitier flavors. As you know Juicy Jay uses the triple dip system to make sure that there is 3 times the flavor in every wrap!


They come with 2 in each pack, but as luck would have it, Rolling Paper Depot is having a January Blow out Sale and you can purchase a Full Box of 25 for just 12.99! If you weren’t looking to stock up, but you’d like to try them, no worries! You can also purchase Half Box for 7.99 or 1 Packet of two for just .99 cents!


These wraps have a nice raspberry taste without feeling overwhelmed by the blunt, you can still get a good taste of your flower. You can purchase these wraps on their website, and don’t forget to keep up with Rolling Paper Depot on Instagram to discover new papers and blunts, as well as special sales like this month’s January Blow Out Sale!


Well that’s all for now everyone!

Stay Blazed and Juicy On!

Millie W

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