Any Juicy Jay lovers around? Because this one is for you. If you haven’t tried the Chocolate chip cookie dough papers you really should! They are the cutest Juicy Jay papers ever. They have little chocolate chip cookies on the paper and you can really smell the cookie dough. As with all Juicy Jay papers the flavor is all in the gum line, and Juicy Jay always uses the triple dip system so you get the most flavor.


These Juicy Jay papers are made out of Hemp and the gum line is all natural and completely plant based. Plus all the ink used on Juicy Jay papers are printed from Soy Ink! All that paired with Juicy Jay’s unique watermark that allows for a slow, and even burn. Juicy Jays are super smooth and have a large variety of flavors!


To get your own Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough papers visit The Rolling Paper Depot!  They will totally meet all your paper needs! Visit them on their website and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for special deals and featured products.

That’s all for now everyone!

Stay Lifted and Juicy On!

Millie W

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