Ladies and gentlemen, they have done it again! Grav Labs now introduces IONIX, their new semi-portable vape system. The IONIX has a familiar design made with a 4mm borosilicate glass mouthpiece, resembling that of your standard water pipe, but includes innovative technology that brings you instant torchless dabs.

IONIX Portability by Grav Labs

IONIX Torchless Dab Rig

The IONIX is meant to rival your standard vape pen with its ease of portability, but it delivers the hit of a tabletop vaporizer. It comes with a Tri-Vape Coil Unit, which means that it has three separate atomizers. These atomizers can be activated by two buttons on the base of the IONIX and heat up within five seconds. The blue button activates one atomizer at a time, while the green button activates all three at once, bringing you one massive hit. Having three individual atomizers has its perks! It lets you not only control the intensity of your smoke but also lets you try up to three different flavors at once. That’s one tasty dab.

IONIX Grav Labs

Like we mentioned before, the IONIX vape system is portable. While it sits at a height of 11 inches and a width of 4 inches at the base, it is lightweight and relatively slim in its design and fits right in your backpack. If you decide that the IONIX is what you want to take with you, you really don’t need to bring any other tool. No more torch for you! All you need is a dab tool (which is included in the package if you don’t already own one), your oil or concentrate, and you’re charged up IONIX. That’s right, don’t forget you charge it.

When you purchase the IONIX Vape System, there are a few other things that come in the package. Not only do you get the actual IONIX, but you also receive a cleaning spoon, a 12 pack of replacement coils, a micro-USB cable, and a wall charger. The IONIX is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery and can outlast any other vape pen, but in case anything out of the ordinary happens, Grav Labs has included a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the battery. The IONIX is available in several colors to meet your style – orange, black, turquoise, yellow and white. It is meant for concentrate only. Sorry flower smokers, we know you would love to own this piece, but Grav Labs has plenty of amazing pieces that can work for you just as well.

Check out the video below for the IONIX T101 by Grav Labs. If you know you just have to own this piece, you can head on over to 420Science where the IONIX is available for purchase!

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