Now here’s an artist with some personal flare, Manwich Glass is based out in FL and his work is really dope. He really incorporates extreme detail in every piece he makes. Meaning every piece is unique, and diversity in your glass collection is always a good thing!

manwichglass3 manwichglass4

Manwich Glass is nothing short of beautiful detail work and amazing colors including slyme colored glass and just a perfect usage amount of opals and implosion style pendants. This heady glass artist is definitely worth checking out. The possibilities are endless with his designs, not to mention the variety of glass accessories to choose from. From pendants to percs and everything in between.

manwich glass 10362336_730298280380373_787545633_n

Be sure to check him out on Instagram for more amazing pictures of his work. All sales inquiries can be made via kik.

Username: tobaccouseonly

Stay tuned for more on Manwich Glass Coming Soon!

Thats all for now everyone

Stay Blazed and Manwich On!!

Millie W

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