Here’s one for my herb lovers, introducing to you, the 7pipe. This little gadget here is an all in 1 smoking device that provides you with everything you need in one cool looking pipe. Before we look at the product, lets take a look at the company in general. 7pipe was founded in 2007 and is a cannabis advocacy organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We advocate that normal productive people can also enjoy weed responsibly.”

-7pipe Website

They aim to design and provide you with premium cannabis paraphernalia, as the 7pipe saying goes, “We put the High in High Tech.”

The outer shell of the 7pipe is a beautiful zinc allow uni-body and, the bowl inside is glass.It also features a built in lighter that is easily ignited by a convenient button placed on the left side. The 7pipe is great for on the go use, never stress about accidentally forgetting your lighter, or simply just not having one.


The 7pipe just screams convenience, there is a compartment to store your herbs in, so when you are ready you just pull it out, pack the bowl, and light it up! The flame ignites right over the bowl; all you have to do is light up and inhale. The best part about the 7pipe is its unique flat style, making it easier to slip in your pocket and head out the door.

Stay tuned for the product review coming soon!

The 7pipe can be purchased at their website.

Keep up with the team over at 7pipe for flash sales, discounts and promo codes by following them on Instagram or Facebook.

I look forward to covering the product review and go into depth on this cool gadget for all of you herb tokers out there!

Stay Blazed and 7pipe On!

Millie W

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