Indica Vaporizer is fresh to the market, and may be redefining class. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, the fledgling company has created a new, sleek vaporizer that is sure to turn heads and redefine the essence of class amongst dry herb only vaporizers.

The very first thing you notice about the Indica Vaporizer is the design homage to Zippo lighters. Incredibly similar, with the hinged lid, the pebbled-look mouth piece that recalls the wick spout on a lighter, and the classic boxy shape.


Sleek, slim, barely larger than a pack of traditional cigarettes, the Indica Vaporizer will fit nicely into your daily routine. The chamber holds up to .31grams, with, while seemingly a small amount, will provide an amazing twenty to thirty hits before needing a refill. Each hit provides a true vape taste, as well as a good sized hit at that. The mouthpiece does get a little damp, and therefore, we only recommend the vaporizer for personal use.



The Indica website suggests allowing approximately 65 seconds for the vaporizer to warm up to the first temperature setting, and then ten second for the Indica to reach each other four temperature setting after that. All five temperature settings have a color-coded light, so you can easily remember which setting you prefer. When tested at HotBox, we were very impressed at the quality of the hits achieved at the purple, or second to highest, setting. The LED light also lets you know when the Indica Vaporizer is in need of a charge, and conversely, when it’s fully charged. The battery is fully rechargeable, with a USB plug, and provides approximately and hour and a half of continuous, heavy use, or several day of moderate use.


The Indica Vaporizer is a very discreet product, allowing for on-the-go usage without drawing much attention. It’s similar to other non-combustible vaporizers on the market, but with a whole new feel, and a luxury, high-end look that is sure to impress even the pickiest of herb smokers. The box that the Indica Vaporizer comes in alone is a beautiful, wooden box that would make a fantastic stash box to accompany your vaporizer.

Indica Vaporizers ($199.97) are available for purchase on their website. Included with your vaporizer, are several accessories that are useful for maintaining the highest working quality your vaporizer is capable of, including replacement screens, and an extra chamber door. Available in either Noir or Stainless Steel, the Indica Vaporizer is sure to become a favorite for the luxury connoisseur of vaporizers. Follow Indica on Facebook to find out all of the latest updates.

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