Last year we were introduced to a very unique vaporizer from Indica, which featured a zippo lighter design and precise temperature controls. Being able to vape your favorite flowers and keep it discrete is top priority for many and the original delivered that and beyond. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Indica Vaporizer takes the cake for ultimate portability without sacrificing style or functionality. Everything from the branding to the packaging is first class.

The Next Generation of Indica Vaporizer

We recently got wind from our sources over at Indica that a new and improved version of their highly rated original will be out by the end of the year. We are hearing it will be called the Indica QUANTUM and will raise the original Indica’s functionality to an entirely new level of “smartvape” sophistication. From the sound of it, this could be something big and we are super excited to receive the first samples when they roll out this year.

Some features we have been hearing are:

-An elegantly integrated LED screen monitors and allows for control of precise temperatures.

-A “climbing” setting automatically raises the temperature 2 degrees at intervals until the chamber is empty.

-Quantum remembers and recalls user profiles.

-It will soon allow for smartphone integration.

-Quantum retails for more than $100 less than the closest competitor.

 The smartphone integration is something we know a lot of tech savvy smokers are really looking forward to and it looks as if the QUANTUM will deliver. With higher technology you would think it would come with an extreme price tag however it promises to be $100 less than the closest competitor. Check out our first image of the new Indica QUANTUM and see our UnBoxing of their original model below.

QUANTUM Indica Vaporizer


Check out the HotBoxTV Unboxing of the original Indica Vaporizer

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