Incredibowl M 420

It’s incredible. It’s the Incredibowl M420. Incredibowl industries has created an amazing smoking device. Incredibowls allow cooler, smoother hits. A filtration method to filter out any dangerous tars, giving you nothing but good clean smoke. The Incredibowl is virtually indestructible. Easily cleaned with warm water, soap, & some rubbing alcohol.

Incredibowl includes an aluminum BowlArmor to shield the glass bowl head, protects it amazingly. The products are designed to last a lifetime. The M420 placed 1st in Best Product at the 2011 Denver Medical Cannabis Cup.  The Incredibowl M420 is lightweight. The chamber is made of shatter-proof polycarbonate (think bulletproof glass) and with the BowlArmor around the glass bowl, dropping M420 is not an issue at all. Adding the M420 QuickDraw Trigger Release System is great for one-handed hits, all at the tap of your finger.

While I have only used the M420, I hope to someday be able to review the I420 to compare the differences. I do know that Incredibowl Industries offers expansion chambers for both the M420 & I420. They also offer carrying cases for your Incredibowl, along with replacement parts. They also have a concentrate attachments for the M420, and a M420 Mini-Sherlock. I hope to one day be able to review the I420 and Sherlock for you.

When I first got the Incredibowl M420. I wanted to understand it. At first it looked a bit intimidating, but it turns out taking apart the M420 is very SIMPLE. I will do a video on that, because it is hard to explain in just words. When I packed my first bowl (strawberry kush) I could taste the difference between my pipes & bongs….M420 is much smoother, not as harsh as a bong. I noticed I was medicated a LOT quicker than I would be from bowl or bong. I was feeling it by 3 hits in. With the QuickDraw Trigger it makes it easy to get the smoke, it allows you to control how much you want. You simply hold the M420 to your mouth, making contact completely. Light your lighter close to the bowl head, beginning to suck will light the bowl. The chamber will begin to fill with smoke. When you are ready for your hit, you pull on the BowlArmor or QuickDraw Trigger….You will be impressed, and happy you bought this.

The only thing I would like to see from Incredibowl Industries is caps. One for the mouth piece & one for the bowl head, for those who keep packed on the go. That way no pocket lint gets in, no green falls out. The M420 is really designed for on the go, or singular smokers, although I have not reviewed the I420 I would assume it would be best for group smoke sessions.

1. Compact, lightweight
2. Smoother cleaner hits
3. Simple cleaning
4. Easy disassembly
5. Virtually indestructible
6. Manufactured locally in Boulder, CO

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