Since 2009, Incredibowl Industries has been the leader in innovative smoking devices in the industry. At HotBox, our first exposure to Incredibowl was in 2011 as we took a chance on a shiny new product while visiting our local smoke shop, Cosmic Charlie’s. The person behind the counter insisted we try it out, and after all it was my birthday so I could justify the 200$ price tag.


Everything about the Incredibowl is unique. The i420 model (above) brings a list of world-class features to the table, using revolutionary engineering to provide smoother, cooler, easier hits, and their patented filtration method to filter dangerous tars, allowing the good stuff to pass through. Add to that the i420’s virtually indestructible design, simple cleaning, and lifetime warranty, and it’s easy to see why it wowed judges in Amsterdam. The deluxe model comes in a smell-proof military-spec case and includes 2 glass bowls, spare parts, and a poker.

The Incredibowl’s patented products are designed to last a lifetime. The Expansion Chambers are made of clear, shatterproof polycarbonate (just like bullet proof “glass”). External parts are made from high-grade 6061 aluminum, which acts as unbreakable armor and a top-notch heat sink.  Inside the aluminum BowlArmor, the Colorado-blown borosilicate glass bowl sits on FDA-approved high-temp o-rings.


As you can see from the diagram above, the smoke spirals through the nozzle before reaching the chamber, causing a cooling effect. For us, this allowed for larger hits and less burn on the throat. The one feature that all my smoking buddies love is when you clear the chamber, you pull the carb and it almost shot-guns the smoke but cools it one last time before you consume it all. The design is truly brilliant and I could just imagine the time and technology it took to reach this level of sophistication. Take a look at a demo video below of the i420 in action.


  1. Light weight and unbreakable design
  2. Cooling effect that allows for larger hits and less coughing
  3. Comes in several models and has great accessories to meet your needs
  4. Lifetime warranty on all parts
  5. Perfect for those who want to smoke in large groups but use less product
  6. Environmental friendly and manufactured locally in Boulder, CO

The Incredibowl comes in 2 product lines, the i420 (starting at $139.99) and the m420 (starting at $64.99). Each of these product lines have a Standard and Deluxe version which come with accessories and travel case. For the money, there is not a better smoking device available. Check out some pics below and go ahead and start following them on social media or go to their website to purchase yours now.


incredibowl-i420jpg m420-accessories-clipperlighter incredibowl-i420

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