The revolution is upon us, everyday new and innovative products are helping solve the problems of people worldwide. With everyone on the go, being mobile and hands free can help you be more effective and efficient. Now that states are legalizing medicinal marijuana, taking your medication on the go has become necessary. The iHit, an iPhone case designed to store your stash, has been an industry hit since the day it came to market.

The iHit fuses a sleek, convienent design for the iPhone 5/5s that comes in 4 color options and includes a small 1-hitter pipe. The iHit features a patent-pending, spring-loaded storage compartment which houses all of your smoking needs, from joints to blunts or a 1-hitter pipe. When the compartment is triggered, your smoke-able is propelled to the top of the case, allowing you to stylishly remove your smokes. The bottom of the case also features an airtight storage chamber, which provides nearly odor free storage.

The iHit has even caught our attention at HotBox,  and we have given iHit the HotBox Seal of Approval, which tells the consumer the product is safe, the company is credible and the product is of premium quality.

In the future, the team over at iHit is looking to keep revolutionizing the iPhone case to make it more convenient for those wanting to conceal and medicate on the go. Stay tuned for our product review and more news on iHit. You can keep up with iHit on Instagram by following @iHit24_7 and go ahead and buy your case at today!

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