Hemp Wick, also known as hemp string or hemp rope, is cleaner for smokers, better than butane lighters. The wicks are made of hemp fibers, and can be wrapped around a lighter for easy lighting. Hemp wick is also less harsh, because it does not burn at the same temperature as a butane lighter.

Now starting to sell all over the world, Humboldt Traders is a relatively new company, started in 2008. The main focus is making and selling hemp wicks. Every smoking shop in Humboldt County carries Humboldt Hemp Wicks. This was my first time using any type of hemp wick. I must say there is a very big difference between wicks and lighters.

Instead of wrapping it around a lighter, I chose to simply wrap it around my finger, and used a candle to light. The first thing you will notice, is how quickly it lights, you do not even need to fully touch the flame to get it lit. What is good about hemp wick, is it is bendable, around your pipe, much easier than a lighter. When smoking you will notice right away, the cleaner hit. The smoke tastes better, the pipe lights quicker and the worry about clanking a lighter off your glass piece is eliminated. Other than glass pipes, and water pipes, I have used the hemp wick on joints and blunts. To me it is better than a lighter, simpler. The hemp wick seems to light the blunts and joints quicker and more fully than lighters.

I am also using it for my candles, I don’t even have to pick them up now. Having burned fingers using lighters when candles get low, the hemp wick makes it so easy to light my candles.

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