If you’re looking for an alternative to your smoking habit, you might want to consider vaping.

Believed to be less harmful, vape pens have been steadily growing in popularity. One of the reasons for that, apart from the health aspect, is that vaping can be considerably less expensive and cost around 90% less than cigarettes.

However, before you purchase one for yourself, you should research vape pens and the maintenance they require.

Like any other device, they need to be taken care of to function at their best for a longer time.

For you, it means saving money on replacing worn-out elements of the vape.

Moreover, improper care may result in accidents like leaks or, in the worst-case scenario, explosions. You should also make sure to store your vape correct conditions.

No matter how much you spend on your vape pen, you should do your best to maintain its functioning, so you can enjoy the vapour it produces.

If you aren’t sure about dos and don’ts, read our guide on the proper maintenance of vaping equipment.

Cleaning Your Coils

The part of your vape pen that transforms e-liquid into vapour is its coils.

They heat up the juice and create large amounts of vapour that you inhale.

If you’ve used your vape pen for a long time, the chances are high that coils are covered in gunk.

When gunked-up coils are heated, they produce less vapour than fresh ones and affect the taste of the vape.

Therefore, you should clean your e-cig regularly as, with time, the accumulating residue of vape juice will affect its performance and your vaping experience.

For example, the lingering flavouring of your previous juice may spoil the taste of your new one, or the buildup may clog up your coils, which results in lower quality vapour.

Depending on the design of the coils, they can be cleaned either by taking them out, soaking them in rubbing alcohol or flushing them with hot water.

To clean your coil, soak it in rubbing alcohol for at least 10 minutes.

It will dissolve any gunk accumulated around it and leave your wick or cotton clean and fresh tasting.

The best thing about this method is that you don’t need to use any other cleaning agents.

However, if alcohol doesn’t work for you, just use one drop of dish soap, followed by a warm water rinse and let it dry completely before you reattach it to your vaporiser.

If they still don’t provide the desired amount of vapour, change them for new ones.

If you aren’t sure when to use new coils, you can read more at the Vape Shop blog page.

Cleaning the Tank

The tank is where you store your e-liquid.

They get dirty because of vape juice, which dries up and leaves residue.

This residue affects the taste of the following juices you put in it, or it may even clog up the coils. Some models have fixed tanks, while others allow you to remove them from the rest of your e-cig.

If your tank is removable, you can clean it like any other container using warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol.

Just put the element into a bowl with water and let it sit for some time to dissolve the leftover residue.

Then you can easily wipe your tank with a cloth and let it air dry.

The cleaning is a little trickier when your tank is fixed.

You have to be careful not to wet the battery, buttons and charging port.

In this case, you can use a Q-tip to carefully clean the inside of the tank with distilled water or propylene glycol.

When cleaning the tank, you should also check for cracks. If there are any, replace your tank.

Cleaning the Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the part of your vape pen that you put in your mouth. It can be made of metal, glass, or silicone.

Since it comes into contact with your lips, it may get sticky.

To clean it, you should use warm water and mild soap.

Taking care of your mouthpiece will ensure an optimal vaping experience.

Sticky mouthpieces may lead to an unpleasant vaping experience as they stick to your lips, resulting in uneven airflow.

This may also hinder the taste of the e-liquid. It’s advisable to clean it after each session.

Cleaning the Battery Contacts

The contacts may get gunked from time to time.

This results in a poor connection between the battery and the atomiser, which causes a short circuit, leading to a malfunction or explosion.

To clean the contacts, you can use a cotton swab to wipe them.

Just remember not to use water because it will damage the device.

Moreover, you should take care of your vape’s battery.

There are multiple reasons for that, one being safety.

If you store your batteries in the wrong way, you risk destroying them and risking an explosion.

To safely store your batteries, you should follow these simple rules:

  • Store batteries at room temperature; don’t leave them in direct sunlight or heat (for example, in car seats) for too long.
    Don’t charge them overnight.
  • Before charging your batteries, make sure that they’re fully discharged; this will prolong their life.
  • Always charge your batteries with the charger that came with your vaporiser; never use other chargers or USB ports to charge it.
  • Keep them separate from each other (both charged and discharged).
  • Never overcharge them; remove them from the charger if you notice that they get hotter than usual.

Storing Your Vape Pen Correctly

When you’re done vaping, make sure to store your equipment in a dry place.

If you let it sit in the open air, moisture can get into it and damage your device.

The best way to store your vape is in a box that you can hide away from the light and moisture.

However, you should avoid leaving it in high temperatures or humid places, like your bathroom.

You should also watch out for your back pockets.

Out of convenience, you might feel tempted to shove your vape into the pocket of your pants, but if you aren’t careful, you might simply sit on it.

There is a high possibility that the e-cig will break into two under your weight.


Caring for your vape pen doesn’t take much time or effort, but it’s essential to function correctly.

It doesn’t matter how expensive it is; you should take care of your vape pen to enjoy the best experience.

If you don’t take your e-cig’s maintenance seriously, it may break down, which will inevitably lead to the need for repair or replacement.

Hopefully, this guide gave you some insight on the proper use of vaping equipment, so you know what’s best for your health and money.

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