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The Industry Problem

Smoke shops, head shops, glass galleries, and product creators lack the platform to educate consumers about the products and accessories available. All of the media and publications within the cannabis industry are dedicated largely to strain reviews, growing education, and legalization news but what about the products that accessorize the smoking sessions of millions?

Even if a product makes it to the store, there is a huge responsibility on the distributor and shop employee to be able to communicate the facts and advantages of a product to the person buying it. Without the proper sales training or product knowledge, many innovative and useful products sit while lower priced items sell. The customer has a lack of brand awareness, so cheap can equal safe while higher priced items come with the risk of not getting what you pay for. If the person selling the product can’t communicate the value to a customer, there is a good chance it will not sell.

The Industry Solution

For the smoke shops and product creators in the cannabis industry to thrive, we must begin providing platforms that cater to those consumers who actively seek new or innovative products. By educating consumers and giving them expert knowledge, we empower them to make better choices when shopping for products. This enhances the chances of a more expensive and/or more innovative product selling over a cheaper version, giving the product creator a great advantage. When people buy high-end items, they usually do so with deep product knowledge so they can understand what it is they are paying for.

At HotBox, we offer several opportunities for product creators’ and consumers’ to connect in an effective way.

HotBox Platforms:

  • – Breaking news and unbiased information on the brands, products, and trends of the smoking industry. An online publication dedicated to giving you the most up to date smoke shop product information on the web.
  • HotBoxTV – Our YouTube channel has hundreds of video reviews and product usage videos. Watch us try it before you buy it.
  • HotBox Social Media – We deliver you a daily dose of new products, product testing videos, and unique content via our social media accounts.

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