I’m sure you all remember our Exclusive Monthly Membership, and for those of you who don’t, it was a special box that we packed full of product, art and music from our partners. It originally started as a monthly subscription of $20 with a limited quantity of 100 boxes. I spoke to Roy Jossfolk, the Creative Director and mastermind behind HotBox, about the boxes and he said, “Yea, it was a great success! We had no complaints, however as time went by we found out it wasn’t the best way to deliver products to consumers.” After 6 months the monthly box was postponed, we needed more time to create something better than what we had before, and we’ve done it. Introducing to you the HotBox Limited Care Pack! At HotBox, we realize special occasions are the most memorable because you are sharing that time with your loved ones and friends, and when people receive gifts on a special day it always leaves an impact. We want to be a part of making that occasion even more spectacular. We’ve come up with a way to get you all your favorite products on 5 very special occasions.

There will be 5 HotBox Care Packs available throughout the year, each box unique in its own way.

  • Halloween HotBox
  • Holiday HotBox (Hanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza)
  • Valentine’s Day HotBox
  • 4/20 HotBox
  • 7/10 HotBox

The way it works is, before the special date, sign up forms go up on our corporate website thehotbox420.com. There you will be able to not only sign up and buy your box, but you will also fill out a profile for us to get to know you so we can send you products relevant to your needs! Let us help make your special occasion even more memorable with our HotBox Limited Care Packs.

Each box is $65 +shipping, however the value of each box is around $200!!

“We decided to go bigger and better! We want to get more product to YOU and more value for your money.“ – Roy Jossfolk

The best thing is to remember that every Care Pack IS LIMITED to 100 boxes each! So be sure to keep up with us for the dates of sign ups!




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