With the holidays coming up, why not check out some awesome Holiday Themed Pipes from Chameleon Glass.  You can view all the holiday pipes here and using code SBK will save you 10% on any Chameleon Glass Purchase.

Here are my favorite three holiday pipes;

The Grinch.  Why hate on the Grinch, he ended up bringing Christmas!
*Comes with its own storage pouch so that you can “pack” it away and bring it out for more enjoyment year after year.

Grinch can be purchased here for $67.49


Frosty the Snowman. This happy fella is sure to brighten your spirits on the worst of days!

Frosty can be purchased here for $45.69


The Comet pipe is for that lucky star in your life.
Comes in Six colors; Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Amber, and White
Comet can be purchased here for $36.89


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