The Holidays have arrived and we are so excited to celebrate with everyone, especially those who received their Holiday Limited Care Packs. Before the celebration really begins, we want to give everyone an exclusive inside look at all the products included in the Care Pack. We also want to give a big thank you to everyone for supporting HotBox, and an even bigger thank you to all of our partners for allowing us to share their products and making this Care Pack an awesome one!

We have some really great products to show off and to start you off right for the holiday season. Like all of the Care Packs before, not every box is 100 percent the same, but we were fortunate enough to give everyone great quality items. We hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we know our members will. Keep reading so you can see what everyone received!!


Grav Labs Mushroom SpoonOnce again, Grav Labs blessed our members with a pipe worthy of any collection. This limited-edition glass mushroom spoon pipe actually looks like its namesake, and if you’re into the cool or unusual, passing on this one will be hard. Made from the same durable borosilicate as all their other glass products, this mushroom pipe is built for use, and smokes smoothly. The fact it’s going to look cool sitting on your shelf is an obvious perk. PLUS, only a few of these were made, and our members were lucky enough to receive one in each color! Make sure to check out more of their products at and follow them on Instagram.


Nail Crown – All of our members received a HotBox Approved Nail Crown from Cruz Culture, but we had several types of Nail Crowns to give out as their collection is expanding. Most of us know that the Nail Crown is the best dabbing safety tool made from medical grade silicone. You can use it to grab a hot nail of your glass piece, or simply cover it while you are doing other things around it so you don’t get burned. Almost everyone received an Original Nail Crown, while some may have received a Glow In The Dark or Color Changing Nail Crown. Only a few members were able to receive the new All-In-One Nail Crown that includes titanium dab tools, a titanium carb cap, and an antimicrobial glass wipe. Find your favorite color Nail Crown at and follow them @cruzculture and @thenailcrown on Instagram.


Excape Vape – Every one of our members received a vape pen from Excape Vapes. Half of our members received the E-Palm 2.0, which now includes locking technology that secures the ceramic atomizer to the battery even while in your pocket. The other half of our members received the E-Pen 2.0 Kit, which includes a ceramic heating chamber with a wickless coil system. The kit also includes an extra coil system, a tool to load your concentrate, a dabtainer, a charger and a carrying case. To see all of their vape pens and products, check out the  Excape Vape website, “Like” the Facebook page and “Follow” @ExcapeVapes on Instagram.


Bong Buddy – All of the Care Packs included a Bong Buddy, which is a retractable lighter leash for your water pipe. All smokers know that losing your lighter is annoying and happens way too often. With the Bong Buddy, you will always know where your lighter is, making your sesh a much easier and more enjoyable one. Find your new Bong Buddy at and give them a “Follow” on Instagram.


DividerProAll of the Care Packs included at least one product from Divider Pro. Our members received platinum cured silicone containers in various sizes, from their small circle to their XL Puck, which all come with divided sections inside. Some of our members also received BaseSavers or BaseBumpers which you put on the bottom of your water pipe to protect from glass to glass contact. They also provided GripTops which come in handy when cleaning your water pipe and avoiding spills. DividerPro also made sure to send in a lighter holder for all of our members. Everything comes in an assortment of colors, including glow in the dark. Check out their website for all of their products and be sure to “follow” @DividerPro on Instagram.


Hustle Butter – All of our members received a sample of Hustle Butter from Cruz Culture. Hustle Butter is a luxury skin care line that is an 100% vegan replacement for all petroleum based products. It is made from mango, coco, papaya, and shea butters and amazingly conditions and nourishes your hands and skin. You can check out their website, follow them on Instagram and purchase your Hustle Butter at

holiday limited care pack

420 Wipe – Every one of our members’ Care Packs included 420 Wipes from 420 Science. The 420 Wipes are used to sanitize the mouthpiece of your favorite pipe or vaporizer and stop worrying where your friend’s mouths have been. They’re also great for getting the goop off your pokers and dabbers. Check out for the 420 Wipes and other amazing products.


VapeBuddy – All of the Care Packs included 2 VapeBuddies. A VapeBuddy is meant to hold your vape pen in place. There is an adhesive back that will stick to almost any hard surface. You can use VapeBuddy in your car, on your laptop, all over your home or office. It fits most vape pens, and definitely fits both vape pens included in the Care Pack. Check out and be sure to follow @GetVapeBuddy on Instagram!

Parchment Papers – Everyone received two different sizes of parchment paper to store concentrates with. Parchment paper is a grease and moisture resistant paper. It is a high heat paper, permeated with a very thin layer of silicone. The silicone is a rubber that makes the parchment paper a non stick material.  This means that your concentrates will not cling to the paper, minimizing any waste. Parchment paper is a very common and economical way to store your concentrates.

holiday limited care pack

HerbSaver™ Grinder – Our flower only members, received an HerbSaver™ Grinder. Made of medical grade PP, not only does HerbSaver™ Grinder give your dry herb the perfect grind/consistency, it also holds a large amount of herb and pollen. It is also water resistant, odor resistant and dishwasher safe. Check out their Instagram and buy your new HerbSaver™ Grinder at


Popeye Glass – A couple lucky members received a sword pendant from Popeye Glass. They are made using a glass color by the name of steel wool and come with a 22 inch ball chain necklace. To see more of Popeye Glass’ art, check out his website and follow his work on Instagram.

holiday limited care pack

Resolution Cleaning Caps – A few of our members also received cleaning caps from Resolution. These cleaning caps universally stretch and seal for an air tight glass water pipe, steam rollers and many other glass accessories for cleaning, carrying and scent stopping purposes. Check out for their products and give them a follow @resolutioncolorado.


Piece Maker Pipe – A few lucky Care Packs included a PieceMaker silicone pipe. The PieceMaker pipe is indestructible and is made of food-grade silicone. The silicone is coupled with food-grade stainless steel for the bowl. Check out all the colors on their site and follow them on Instagram @PieceMakerGear.


iChief iPhone CaseFor our members with iPhone 5/5s, iChief Supply provided phone cases in several colors. Their iPhone cases come with two really cool features. They have a space to hold your 1 1/4 inch papers, so you have your favorite papers no matter where you go. It also comes with a rolling tray on the back so that you are ready to roll anywhere you are. Available in several colors including a clear case. Check them out at and follow them on Instagram.


Bowl Stand – A few Care Packs also included a wooden bowl stand. Made of a hand finished wood, they included two 18mm female joint stations. The bowl stand is essential in keeping your bowls or nails safe while not in use. Check our your local smoke shop to purchase a bowl stand keep your accessories safe from breaking!


HotBox PapersWe gave everyone, whether you smoke papers or not, a limited edition of the HotBox Magazine Custom Ziggi Papers. They come with the patented URS (Ultimate Rolling Solution) as a 3 in 1 package, which includes your papers, tips, and a rolling tray. They are the only papers that are HotBox Approved! Definitely check out HotBox Magazine’s favorite papers at and follow them on Instagram at @ZiggiPapers.

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