Hemp wick can be used to light pretty much anything from pipes, to hookahs, cooking grill and hard to reach candles. Using hemp wick will preserve flavors, minimizes your exposure to butane, and is all around a nifty product to use. This hemp wick comes in three sizes; Super Thick, Thick, and Thin, and is handmade in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


Why Hemp Wick Handmade by Hippies? It’s not just their name, it’s what they go by.  Their hemp wick is made in small batches, these batches of organic hemp, are coated in organic beeswax, by hand, lots of labor, love, and quality testing go into each hemp wick.  The beeswax, is from local Mangrove Trees and not only is it made by hand, it is also packaged by these same caring hands, a loving process from beginning to end.


I have tried all three sizes and they are all amazing and have their own uses. I like the Thin for my joints, the Thick for my bowls, and the Super Thick for my gravity bong. When you first touch this hemp wick, you will imidately feel the difference between the Hippies organic hemp wick, and those from other makers.

The hippies  hemp wick comes in 10ft, 30 ft or you can get a 200ft ball of it. There is other items for sale such as; hemp wick holders, candles, honey, honey sticks, stickers, and stash jars.

Pricing ranges from $3.00 – $30.00 you can check out all the products here.


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