Not all hemp wick is created equal and I may have just learned this while using the HempHives Hemp Wick with HempKeeper. We have reviewed several hemp wicks before and even have done comparisons between hemp wick, Clipper lighters, and Bic lighters. I used to think it was good enough just to be using hemp wick, enjoying the great taste while avoiding butane. After speaking with HempHives and understanding the reasons behind their uniquely designed HempKeeper, I have realized I was all wrong. So what is it that separates HempHives Hemp Wick from several other great brands?

hemphives hemp wick

How Clean is your Hemp Wick?

So your hemp wick is the clean alternative to butane lighters, right? Sure, this is true in many cases but let’s break down how things go wrong. Many of the hemp wick companies in the industry package their hemp wick simply by wrapping it and slapping a branded tag on it. While I understand the simplicity, you also have to think about the reality. That hemp wick is exposed to the elements essentially its entire life span. Human hair, animal hair, dust, pocket lint and God knows what else ends up on it even if you can’t see it. This ends up in your lungs when you go to blaze that next bowl, eww. I won’t even get into how many times my hemp wick has been tangled or unable to wrap it. This is where the HempKeeper is the game changer. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but holds over 13ft of tight hand spun hemp wick that will not become tangled up or be exposed to the elements. Made of glass and topped off with a unique cork that has a hole that allows for easy dispensing. Brilliant!

HempHives Hemp Wick Solves Problems

Have you ever lit your hemp wick and started to hit the bowl but have nowhere to put down or even put out your hemp wick? On top of that, you still need another hand to pull the carb. I think HempHives has finally solved this problem in a big way. First off, the HempKeeper helps keep your hemp wick upright and stable so it won’t fall over. Then you see there is this unique glass dispenser at the top which doesn’t seem to have a purpose at first glance. Look a bit closer and you realize your hemp wick will never burn past this point. This is truly brilliant, as this immediately solved one of my biggest issues with hemp wick. Now, I just place my HempHives hemp wick down and the HempKeeper does the rest. Before you know it, your hemp wick has put itself out without wasting any additional hemp wick.

hemphives hemp wick

I have to admit, hemp wick isn’t usually a product that you are checking the mail every hour for to see if it has arrived. My expectations for this product were really not that high but I have truly walked away impressed. I few simple enhancements to a stoner tool that hasn’t seen much innovation since its inception has really put products in perspective for us at HotBox. Many products are shiny and cool looking but how many are practical for every day use and solve a problem. The branding, product presentation, and usefulness really set this product apart from the competition. Hemp Hives gets an A+ across the board for us and we hope you will take the time to check them out as well.

If you want to grab your own HempHives hemp wick with HempKeeper, just click this link to visit their website and place your order.

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