Made in Texas, Grav Labs has designed this awesome cup, etched with the Grav Labs logo, that will remind you of your younger days.
What makes these Grav Cups amazing is they are flexible, you can use this cup as a dab piece or flower piece.

grav cup L9A2756-600x800 L9A2702

These cups have a base of 5.5″ tall, standing at about 8″ with dome attachment. They come in 3 color choices; Black, White, or Blue.
The Grav Cup has been redesigned with a reinforced 5 hole diffused downstem, which now includes a weld at the bottom of the cup for stability, and thicker glass for a sturdier piece, perfect for your table, desk, or cup holder.
The Grav Cup has been ergonomically designed with a stem angle, to allow accuracy in gauging hits.


The Grav Labs Cups are available for purchase in rig form and comes with a 14mm quartz glass nail, 14mm dome, and 14mm male to male adapter.

You can purchase a Grav Labs Cup here for $199.99 and use code SBK to save 10% on your order.
Want a flower cup instead? After you make your order, simply let Trill Glass know, via email.

If you want the piece for both, just add the Grav 14mm Octabowl slide, featuring a built in screen for an even burn.
Grav Labs Octabowl with Handle
The Octabowl can be purchased here for $20.00 and don’t forget to use code SBK to save 10% on your order.

Be sure to check out their website and their Instagram @GravLabs to keep up with all the awesome products!
Check back in a week for my review on the Grav Cup.

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