Last week I brought you an All About Grav Cups article. This week I am giving you a review on Grav Cups from Grav Labs.
To recap, the Grav Cups are about 8″ tall with a dome attatchment. The base is about 5.5″ tall. Grav Cups are best of both worlds, it can be used as a rig, or for flower.

Grav Cups
Grav Cups were redesigned with a reinforced downstem, which now includes a weld at the bottom of the cup for stability.
Grav Cups
You can choose 3 color choices for the Grav Cups; Blue, Black, or White.


I was given the chance to review one of the Grav Cups for flower. The first thing I like about these Grav Cups is with or without water, it stands up perfectly, the Grav Cups are balanced to sit up on tables or desks, with no worry of tipping over due to water or the mouth piece.
Grav Cups
Secondly I love the fact that these Grav Cups are thick, this is not cheap thin glass, this is an American Made product.
I really love the design of the bowl head, the Octabowl as it is called, is unlike a normal bowl head, this bowl features a built-in glass screen, and it makes a even burn, and lets less ash thru.
Grav Cups

The hit of these Grav Cups is absolutely amazing, crisp, and clean tasting. Out of the many water pipe products I have tried, in my view this is the cleanest hit, due to the Octabowl and the 5 hole diffused downstem. You can gauge your hit to your liking, big or small, and I have found that Grav Cups are easily cleaned.

If you are looking for a water pipe that is not too big in size, yet packs a punch, I suggest you get a Grav Cup.
I believe everyone should own or at least try these Grav Cups.

You can purchase a Grav Labs Cup here for $199.99 and use code SBK to save 10% on your order.
Want a flower cup instead? After you make your order, simply let Trill Glass know, via email., they will switch it out for you.

If you want the piece for both, just add the Grav 14mm Octabowl slide, featuring a built in screen for an even burn.
Grav Cups
The Octabowl can be purchased here for $20.00 and don’t forget to use code SBK to save 10% on your order.


Be sure to check out Gravs website and their Instagram @GravLabs to keep up with all the awesome products

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