Here’s a treat for all of my glass enthusiasts, Gnarla Carla Glass brings a well needed feminine touch to the glass blowing industry. Carla is such a talented young lady and the proof is in her art work. Carla has been blowing glass for 9 years, Carla doesn’t  just create smoking glassware she also creates functional art. She loves glass in all forms.  Furnace glass was her primary focus for many years making things like cups, vases, bowls, goblets, etc. Carla actually received her BFA in glass from Massachusetts College of art and design. In the past 4 years or so is when she really began to work on her borosilicate skills.

Some of her more popular pieces include whimsical colors and beautiful glass flowers, although Carla is always trying to grow as an artist and enjoys experimenting.

“But I love making sculptural work most, specifically my peaches and flowers.”


Gbarla carla gnarlacarla3

When I spoke to Carla I had to ask her how she felt about being a woman in an otherwise male dominant industry and here’s what she had to say.

“I don’t mind at all. The glass community is so beautifully supportive of each other and I can get down with the guys but there are some glass gals out there I’d love to throw down with!”


gnarlacarla5 gnarlacarla2

According to Carla some of her most popular pieces among her fans and followers include her signature peaches! However let’s let Carla’s work speak for itself. She loves using vibrant colors and decking out her pieces with a bunch of small sculptural components and marbles, making her art visually pleasing to the eye and super dope addition to any Boro glass collection. Keep up with Gnarla Carla Glass on her Instagram, and get a look at more of her amazing work. So check her out and get your dope glass today, business inquiries can be made via Instagram or Carlas Kik.

Kik Username: GnarlaCarla

That’s all for now everyone.

Stay Lifted and Gnarla On!

Millie W

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