We all love and have many different types of stash jars. Big ones, small ones, glass ones, silicone ones. This stash jar is a 3-in-1 stash jar, the Gnar Jar. I was lucky enough to get one of their first productions, to give you all the information you need to know on this amazing jar.

What make this a 3-in-1 stash jar is this is a jar for your dry herbs, a jar for your concentrates, and a dabbing station all in one! No longer will you need to have two or three stash jars on your table at home, you can simply have one, the Gnar Jar! Also, if you are a dabber on the go, you can just simply take the concentrate jar part of your Gnar Jars, it fits in backpacks and purses, did I mention, it makes your dabs look like honeycomb!

stash jar
These stash jars are made of 3mm thick borosilicate glass, and platinum cured silicone. Perfect for both flower and concentrate users. There are a few things I really enjoy about this stash jar, the first is being able to see how much I have stored away, I also love the lid itself, you can hear the air escaping so you know its a tight seal. Being a 3-in-1 container means less clutter on your table or dab station, very convenient.
stash jar

Right now is pre-ordering time, so Gnar Jars can fund the rest of their start up. Products will then be released on January 1, 2016! With pre-ordering you get special perks; $25 for the small and $30 for the large, plus a dab hat pin, sticker slap pack and free shipping!
stash jar
There are two sizes to choose from; small and large. The small holds roughly 1 – 1 ½ ounces of herbs and the large holds around 2 ounces. You can pre-order your Gnar Jar storage container from their website.

Be sure to give a like on their Facebook, and a follow to @GnarJars on Instagram to keep up with their latest info.

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