We’ve all had that one friend who simply cannot hold on to a water pipe for more than a session or two, before they break it, and let down the rest of the crew. Colorado brothers Bruce and Charlie Hoch were finally sick of the “break-ups” and invented the HotBox Approved Eyce Molds, a 100% reusable system for making your own water pipe with just water and a freezer. Now, not one’s to rest on their laurels and one brilliant idea, the Brother’s Hoch have kept innovating, and introduced several new products, such as the Ninja Suit and Aqua Seals.


The Eyce Molds Ninja Suit is like a wet suit for your Eyce Mold pipe. An insulating jacket, the Ninja Suit will help to maintain the pipe out of the freezer for up to an hour before melting. Also, the Ninja Suit provides easier handling for the Eyce Molds Pipe, allowing you to be able to hold the body of the pipe, without transferring body heat, and speeding the melting process, allowing the Eyce Mold to provide the same cool, crisp smoke as before, without worrying about breaking the water pipe, or cleaning up afterwards. In addition to slowing the melting process, and enabling easier handling, the Ninja Suit creates an airtight seal, holding the grommet tight to the mold, allowing for an easier, smoother hit, with less waste.


Another new accessory for the Eyce Mold is the Aqua Seals. Aqua Seals are an ingenious little problem solving idea. Prior to this nifty little invention, the Eyce Mold had to freeze in the upright position. This could create a problem for some people with limited freezing space. Now, the Aqua Seals make the Eyce Molds water tight, with the simple directions of, “plug into the open spaces of the mold”, allowing them to be frozen on their side, creating more space for things in the freezer, and allowing those with small freezer space to enjoy Eyce Molds pipes without having to try to find a new freezer.


Both of these products, plus the HotBox Approved Eyce Mold, can be found in a multitude of colors to please even the most discerning do-it-yourself-er. All products and accessories can be found at eycemolds.com The Ninja Suit runs $17.99 and you can pick up the Aqua Seals for $6.49. Follow Eyce Molds on Instagram @eycemolds to stay up on the coolest designs in DIY ice pipes.

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