In the next HotBox Up Close One on One, HotBox sits down up close and personal with John Teeto of Essentials Skateboard Company. Get all the best about Essentials straight from Essentials!

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Essentials Skateboard Company

Essentials Skateboard Company is a South Florida based Core Skateboarding/Cannabis Activist brand, skater owned and operated since 2010. Current Essentials products include: Premium Skateboard Decks, Apparel, Griptape and Accessories. Essentials is available in finer Skate Shops, Smoke Shops, Cannabis Collectives, and Boutiques throughout the U.S. with plans to expand globally. Some major milestones in the cultivation of the brand over the years include features in some major east coast skate mag’s as well as a some major publications such as High Times Magazine and even a full spread in Canada’s Skunk Magazine. Essentials has also had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned MOB Griptape as well as PURExtractions: Seattle’s premiere hash oil manufacturer. But this is just the beginning; keep an eye out for plenty more to come as Essentials develops over the next few years.

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