We all know that Elementium Lighters are really awesome. They are eco friendly, USB rechargeable and extremely convenient, but what about Elementiums other two products? Our very own Snakebitekiss wrote an article making us aware that they are more than just a lighter, so the team over at Elementium sent me their Pure Shades and Grinder Watch and today I’m going to be conducting the product review.

Lets start with the Pure Shades:

These stylish shades are handmade with 100% bamboo and they have polarized UV 400 lenses so your eyes are well protected when you walk outside.  (These block light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, which means that your eyes are shielded from even the tiniest UV rays.) The fact that they are made from bamboo allows them to float in water, making Pure Shades the ultimate accessory for any occasion. I took mine to the beach and they worked great! These shades are very light and barely noticeable. The best part though is that they are totally unisex, guys and girls can rock these Pure Shades and when you purchase them you get a bamboo case, and a woody style Elementium lighter.


Moving on to the Grind Timez Watch:

When I got my Grind Timez Watch in the mail I Honestly thought it was just a watch! There is no way to look at it and say, “oh hey there’s a grinder in there.” The Grind Timez Watch has two main purposes, first one being to grind your herb. It does this very well, on the watch there are two main notches the one on the right top piece changes the time of the watch and the second, which is on the bottom piece to the left, is the piece that screws into the side to keep the watch closed. When you’re ready to grind up your herb, simply unscrew the left notch and lift the top piece, it will come right off. Then just load your herb and grind! After you’re done put the lid on and tighten the notch to keep the face of the watch in. Simple right? The second function of the Grind Timez is to simply be a watch. It’s stylish, comfortable, and just totally cool! If fits and feels like any other watch and a total must have!

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Elementium sure knows how to make an accessory!

You can purchase the Grind Timez Watch and Pure Shades at their website.

Be sure to keep up with them on their Instagram for special update, promo codes and cool sales!

You can use hbm1 to get 15% off of every order!

Stay Lifted and Elementium On!

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