Butane lighters are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with hemp wicks, herb irons and all that other good stuff, but theres one option that really sticks out. The Elementium lighters are spreading like wild fire on the instagram community as the word about a flameless lighter ignites the curiosity in us all. I got a chance to chat with Matthew Stoll (The mastermind behind the product) and he was nice enough to share with me a little bit of history behind the idea.

“My friend was siting there putting together this amazing blunt with several delicious strains, wrapped it perfectly, and sparked it up with a dirty butane lighter. He said it tasted weird, and I reply, its that damn butane, something has to be done, and at that moment our Elementiumlighter was born!”
-Matthew Stoll

I know right? Just like that, but the work had only just begun. Matt also shared with me some of the process and and some much appreciated information on the lighter so I could share it all with you.

“I started  designing the Elementiumlighter over 1 year ago with the intention of preserving the environment with its reusable USB rechargeable design; helping control and stop the 1.9 billion disposable lighters ending up in landfills every year. I also wanted something that would give the user a “pure” hit, a taste of whatever they were smoking that was cleaner and unlike any other spark.  Also, we made the Elementiumlighter windproof! Thats right, even on a motorcycle you can light up. Another cool feature is the fact that there is no flame = no more burnt or singed hair = beard friendly!”

The Elementium Lighter has no flame and no toxic fluids. It is usb chargeable and you get at least 100 hits from each charge!  The best part is its only $10!! Thats a great price for something so resourcefull! For more information on where and how to buy you can visit their instagram @Elementiumlighter or their website Elementiumlighter.com

Happy Toking 🙂
Millie W


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