I’ll admit it- I’m a waterpipe kind of guy. Blunts and joints are a great treat every now and then, but I can’t afford nearly the amount of bud that it would take to roll on a regular basis. If you do happen to be one of the many evangelical joint rollers in the world or an official member of the Blunt Masters Society, I’ve found a nifty little tool for your paper arsenal: The Dutch Crutch.

dutch crutch

The Need for a Roach Clip

Even as an occasional roller, I always find myself realizing I need a roach clip to ease the tension at the end of the blunt. Embers are ever threatening the natural environment that is my mustache, and my girlfriend is always burning her lips… But the real problem is, I always lose shit. Especially small shit. I’ve probably had about fifteen roach clips over the course of my taking life and they’ve all seemed to escape me. The Dutch Crutch, however, just might change things for me. Featuring a clip-on mechanism for standard-sized BIC-style lighters, this handy roach clip might not get lost so easily. I’m not one to get BIC’d.

Using The Dutch Crutch is Convenient!

Using the Dutch Crutch is a generally pleasant experience. It’s nice and handy, not too obtrusive to the lighter, and the lighter is actually a nice handle for the roach clip. It’s also incredibly useful as the blunt gets smaller, especially if you’re not one to use filters because the Dutch Crutch allows you to relight the blunt as it starts to get too small to stay cherried. The only issue I seemed to have during use was that the roach clip kept spinning in place on top of the lighter holster. The two pieces can easily be pulled apart, as the intention is to be able to use the roach clip separately from the lighter, but I’d rather use the lighter as a handle.

dutch crutch roach clip lighter accessory

All in all The Dutch Crutch is a simple concept, but an effective tool for keeping a roach clip ready at all times. And for $2.99, you might as well pick up two. I haven’t lost mine yet, but with my luck, I’m sure my backup will come in handy here soon…

Buy yourself a Dutch Crutch here, or check out our video review of The Dutch Crutch below:

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