Boom Vaporizer is the one of the biggest producers of vaporizers and dabbing products out there. Having been around since 2008, the Walnut, California based company has been innovating the vape game with new technology and products regularly.

The Boom Dragon Chaser is an all-around amazing product. What looks like a simple glass straw, the Dragon Chaser is a way to dab without using a typical rig and nail set-up. The bottom of the straw is torched until it glows red, then touched to the dabs set-up on a slick pad or parchment paper. Once the concentrate is heated, the smoke is inhaled, and you’ve successfully dabbed, with just a torch and your Dragon Chaser!



Some HotBox Limited Care Pack members received the Dragon Chaser in the Valentine’s Pack, and have sent nothing but love back. This is an incredibly cool product, both for personal use, and to show off at parties. It will not only be the hit of the party, but you will absolutely make at least one person jealous. Included with your Dragon Chaser is rubber ringed lanyard, to keep it safe and close to your heart. The lanyard makes it a handy piece to have at festivals and trade shows, to keep any offered dabs clean and hygienic. The Dragon Chaser also comes with a battery and atomizer to transform it into a vape pen at your whim.

The Dragon Chaser has the “cool” factor, paired with high functionality, which could easily make this your everyday dabbing tool. Head to to get yourself a Dragon Chaser at the ridiculously inexpensive price of $35.00. Also, follow them on Facebook to keep up with all the innovations coming from Boom.

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