Vape pens are all the rage these days, and because of the high demand there are a lot of them saturating the market. One pen that really sticks out is the Ghost pen by Dr.Dabber! The Ghost does exactly what the name implies. The hit from this pen is remarkably smooth, I couldn’t believe I had actually taken a hit, until I exhaled, the hit was so milky and had a really great flavor. I was surprised by it almost like it snuck up on me! The Ghost Pen is also very stylish yet incredibly discreet! The ghost vape pen includes titanium technology to enhance flavor.

The titanium atomizers are high resistance and that means a lower and more accurate temperature for vaping oils and waxes. This is a wick style pen but the team over at Dr.Dabber have actually customized their atomizers on the Ghost Pen, the atomizer sits pretty deep in the chamber so that it minimizes leakage and also gives more room for loading capacity. These massive improvements make the Ghost Kit a perfect gift for any of your stoner friends and loved ones.

The Ghost Kit Comes With:

  • Dabber Lithium Ion Battery
  • Dabber Ghost attachment
  • Extra Ghost Atomizer
  • Dabber Dab Tool
  • Dabber “Shatter Proof” Silicon Ball
  • Dabber Ghost Manual
  • USB Charger

To get your very own Ghost Kit from Dr.Dabber please visit them on their Website.

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