While wading through the vast amount of vape pens, searching for the one that would provide minimal health risk while not losing the enjoyment or flavor of the oil, Dr. Dabber finally came to the realization that he’d have to create his own. So was born the Ghost pen, a high quality vaporizer, that delivers maximum enjoyment, while utilizing high quality components and materials to ensure minimal risk, and long-lasting enjoyment.
The Ghost pen is designed to be stealthy, a go-anywhere vaporizer that allows you to enjoy a good vape session without being obvious. While the atomizer looks small, it’s deceivingly large, allowing for a much larger amount of wax than it appears to hold. It is a wick atomizer, which allows for a surprising amount of absorption, and the wick won’t burn, due to the accurate temperature control.


Also available is the Ghost top, to allow for any essential oils you might want to enjoy. The three piece top features a contoured, plastic mouthpiece, a silicon filter in the shaft, to minimize spilling and enhance airflow, and the atomizer contains a medical grade ceramic chamber with a recessed Titanium coil, to assist with easier loading and enhancing flavor. The Ghost Top for Essential Oils can be attached to any 510-tread battery.

Attachments for your Ghost Vaporizer are available, as well. The Percolator attachment is a genuine game changer, taking the Ghost from good to POWERHOUSE! Hand-crafted in the United States, the Percolator attachment will not spill when laid on its side, as the Doctor has thought of everything, and added small feet to the side to prevent spillage and rolling. There is definite value to the addition of the Percolator attachment, as it not only maintains the temperature control to very near on point, it’s just simply a dope product that will be in high use at HotBox.

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Also available is the Recycler attachment. The Recycler is handmade in the United States, and is very heavy duty. It does look a bit like something Dr. Seuss might use to vape with, but that just makes it all the more fun. Providing great suction, the Recycler is surprising for it’s size, putting out great hits. Not the best for on the go use, its a fantastic at-home piece, and perfect to use in conjunction with the Dr. Dabber Honey Mat.


All of these pieces can be found over at drdabber.com. Get yourself an amazing set-up with the go-anywhere Ghost pen kit ($84.95), the Ghost Top for Essential Oils ($34.95) the powerhouse Percolator ($99.95), the incomparable Recycler ($99.95) and a Honey Mat ($9.95 and up). Don’t forget to follow Dr. Dabber on Instagram @drdabber to stay up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest products and specials.

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