The 420 Limited Care Pack has been shipped out and receive by our members! It is time to start giving you all the information on the different products that were in the boxes. If you didn’t get a 420 Limited Care Pack, be sure to grab a 710 Limited Care Pack now before they sell out.

Limited Care Pack

Everyone in our care pack received two products from DividerPro. DividerPro is a brand new company, located in Colorado that focuses on producing platinum cured, non-stick high quality medical grade containers.  Each DividerPro container features dividers so you can carry two different products without worry of them mixing together.  DividerPro also has a company that makes medical grade glass grips, to fit around your glass to add that extra grip to your water pipe. They  also have covers for the top and the joint of water pipes for traveling purposes to prevent clanking and breaking, also great for when cleaning. DividerPro also makes medical grade iPhone and Galaxy cases, that you can dab off of if you wanted to.


All members received a lighter holder, the lighter looks. Available in many colors and designs. This holder glows in the dark to help you not lose your lighter ever again!


Some members received cases for; iPhone 4 and 5, Galaxies, and iPads. These cases can be used to dab off of, featuring a stash pocket to hide your parchment paper, money, ID, ect.



Be sure to check out the Divider Pro website, for all of their products and give @DividerPro a follow on Instagram.

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