The Denver Glass Vape Show was held on Sunday March 15th from 11AM till 6pm at the EXDO Event Center.
This event was open to the public, as long as you were 18 or older and had a valid ID.
HotBox COO, General Manager, and Host attended the Denver Glass Vape Show to film and interview the different glass blowers, vaporizer brands, and companies for episodes of HotBox TV and future HotBox Magazine articles. Over the next few weeks there will be episodes on our YouTube channel and on our website surrounding the different brands and products that we experienced on that beautiful day.

Denver Glass Vape Show

We interviewed glass blower Nick James about his glass, which was featured in our Valentine’s Care Pack, he sent in the chillums with the red swirl around it. You can find Nick James on Instagram @NickJamesEKG.

Denver Glass Vape Show
We interviewed Terry Sharp, a glass blower with over 15 years of experience. You can find Terry Sharp on Instagram @TerrySharp.

Denver Glass Vape Show
We stopped by a vaporizer booth, The DipStick to interview them about their product which is similar to a nectar collector or the Dragon Chaser. You can find DipStick on Instagram @TheDipStick.

Denver Glass Vape Show
We interviewed Lion Glass, their beautiful works of art, that are functional caught our eye from the second we saw their glass. You can find Lion Glass on Instagram @LionGlass.

Denver Glass Vape Show
We also stopped by a new company, whos product will be released in a few months, the Black Rock Originals. You can check them out on Instagram @BlackRockOG.

There is many more that are not listed in this article! Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel and our website as we release articles and videos about the artists and the products!

Be sure to check out the Glass and Vape Show website for all the information on shows.

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