Yep its 710, you have your dabs, a nice orange hot skillet, the perfect glass peace, yet unfortunately you have too much time on your hands. But I have good news, If you live in the south Florida region or happen to be there, Miami is having its 1st annual 710“DAB DAY” at the Purvis Young Art Museum (PYAM). This Event begins promptly at 5pm and end at 11pm. Which gives us much time to rise up and prepare for this smoking hot event.

The event features 3 live musical performances Llamabeats (performed at 4/20 Cannabis Cup in Col.), Wil E Haze and Rabbid, the Change and will have DJs performing throughout the night. The music is much needed asset to this 710 event, but of course we will all be hungry.

Thankfully there will be food trucks and other munchies at the Dab Day event. The event is to help kick off the legalization of cannabis in Florida and is just 10$ to get in. There will be Vendors to satisfy all your 420 and 710 needs and accessories.

Giveaways and freebies are promised but this is an 18+ event and you must be 21+ for the drinks. This is an awesome 1st annual can’t miss event , and if you attend you help with the portion of the proceeds that go to the fight for legalization in Florida. You can help in making history! So Stay Easy and head out to the dab day.  Its a must , its 710!

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