It’s one of the worst sounds in the world when you’re sitting around with a bunch of friends, enjoying medicating through a water pipe. Someone goes to pass it and, CLANG! The bottom of the pipe smacks on the table, and nearly ruins the party, much less the pipe. Happens all too frequently, with more casualties than we can count. Luckily, Alto Loma, CA based MJ Garbo Inc. has designed a cool, functional solution to the broken base problem.

three boots with tread

Meet Da Boot! A sneaker for your beaker, Da Boot provides protection from clumsy pipe and rig users, and glass eating tables. Made from rubber, with a sneaker-like tread on the bottom, Da Boot fits over the base of your glass piece and keeps it safe from chips, breaks, and shatters. The light weight design wont bog down the pipe, and fits beaker and bubble style bases up to 5.25 inches in diameter.

Available for Da Boot, are two really helpful accessories. The first is a custom fit ice pack, that helps to cool the water in your pipe, and eliminates the need for ice, and the subsequent water drainage from ice melting. Da Boot can also be used with the available foam insert, which allows for safe handling of straight tubes and oil rigs that have saucer shaped bases up to five inches in diameter.

white boot with foam

Da Boot comes in three colors, black, white and brown. You can customize your boot to make it fit your decor and personality through the many options of laces available. Also, the Da Boot – White will hold marker art, so you can design it to be anything you want. Da Boot is awesome for social gatherings, where people may start to get careless or clumsy, and maybe not pay as much attention to what they’re doing. Da Boot is super functional, and gets used at HotBox regularly. Since there is no adhesive involved, Da Boot is reusable and interchangeable.

brown boot

Head over to to get your “beaker sneaker” for just $29.99, and be sure to grab an ice pack and foam insert for the ultimate Da Boot set-up. Follow them on Facebook to be sure to stay up-to-date with Da Boot news.

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