A glass water bong is one of my favorites methods of medicating as I feel it gives a nice, clean hit and can even be cooled by adding ice. The only problem with a glass bongs is that they break or can clang against a surface that you are placing it on. No matter how hard you try, you always have that one friend who sounds like they are breaking your bong every time they place it on the table. A great product that I have had the chance to try out is Da Boot, which is a sort of sneaker for your bong!

Da Boot has instantly become a daily used product for me as having my Roor Bong on deck at all times is a must. I used to keep all my glass on “dab pads” to give them a nice surface to rest on however, now I have my Bong Boot so I can really just place it anywhere. It is made of thick rubber material so you don’t have to be so careful when placing your bong on a table or hard surface.There is a sneaker or boot like sole on it that helps keep it sturdy and also gives of that “boot” feel. Da Boot comes in 3 colors Black, Brown and White and has 6 lace color variations so you can pick a style that fits your personality. A great feature that Da Boot has is an ice gel pack that can be place on the bottom of the inside of Da Boot which helps with keep your glass bong cool.

In the end, your glass collection is probably your single most expensive investment if you are smoking regularly so why not protect it when possible? Da Boot costs $29.99 and can offer a little bit of peace of mind while also looking cool as well. Go ahead and jump over to http://Da-Boots.com and grab your today and follow them now on Instagram @Da_Boot


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