I am a proud game head! The only downside to gaming is that you cant really smoke and play. Now, I have mastered the art of holding the J in my mouth while I play but its not easy and sometimes it can mess me up big time.

So when I heard about the ControllaClip from Rollawear I nearly died of excitement. The Controlla Clip is literally a small clip that plugs into the charging port on your controller.  (see photo)

The small clip holds your Blunt, or Joint right there on your controller! Hands free. No more pause breaks in the middle of your favorite game, just raise the controller to your mouth and thats it!! Pretty cool right?

The Controlla Clip is brought to us by Rollawear Brand. No wonder the ControllaClip is so convenient, Rollawear Brand is famous for the worlds first clothing with a discrete rolling station built in, and that just screams convenience!

To get yourself or a special friend their very own ControllaClip you can visit them at:

Dont forget to check out their dope Rolling Tray T-Shirts and and Hoodies while you’re there!

Follow them on Instagram for updates and special codes for great prices!!

Instagram: @Rollawearbrand and @controlla_clips

Well thats it for now!

Stay Blazed and Clip On!

Millie W


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